New Realms Tai Chi

We love helping people
to fulfil themselves,
overcome difficulties,
be inspired
and excel

We have been practising Tai Chi and associated therapies since 1997, both qualified as instructors after four years and jointly ran successful classes under franchise in Crawley and East Grinstead for more than eleven years. Throughout that period we continued attending advanced Tai Chi instructor training and we have been thoroughly enjoying working together again in our own new venture since November 2012.

A few words from Peter

From the moment that I was “hooked” I knew that Tai Chi would bring something very special into my family and working life and in the years that followed there were many instances where being practised in Tai Chi gave me the edge. I have enjoyed the fitness that Tai Chi enabled me to have, loved combining Tai Chi with my business skills and knowledge and gained much joy from teaching many people to derive the same benefits.

Opening New Realms Tai Chi has given me the opportunity to take all of that much further by imparting how the traditions of dedication, perseverance and working in harmony with the vigour of nature are of increasing relevance in the modern World.

Peter Parsons, Chartered MCIPD, RPCQI.
Principal Instructor.

And some from Rosemarie

For many years Tai Chi “called” me even though I had no idea of what it was! Eventually a professionally run class opened near to me and I’ve not looked back since. Peter, who was used to my madcap ideas, decided to go along with me to see what I was getting into. I was delighted that he was as “hooked” as I was from the start and that we trained and taught together for the next fifteen years.

The combination of Peter's background as an engineer, business teacher and consultant with my background in therapies and as a Mum has proved a winner, (at least for us if not our four bemused kids!). So I am avidly enjoying my part in this new venture.

Rosemarie Parsons,
Assistant Instructor.