New Realms Tai Chi

We love helping people
to fulfil themselves,
overcome difficulties,
be inspired
and excel

We are normally in the Turners Hill "Ark" Centre on Tuesday evenings 7.30 - 8.45 pm  

these are our guiding tips while we're virally suspended!:

1. to practice your Chi Kung breathing exercises whenever getting vexed

(but to be sure it's your own private fresh airspace!)

2. to "wait for your weight to penetrate"

(you'll stay more focused and your Tai Chi form will come alive if you do)

3. That now is a time to consult the I Ching
it's reflections of Space, Time, Yin and Yang are embedded in the Yang Tai Chi form
but it can be utilised well beyond that.
Simply approach the book with open heart and honest mind to gain reflection of your current realities
and of the risks and opportunities within your sphere.

4. To allow extension of your "Crane breathing" sessions into mindful meditation

when you do you'll glimpse, at least, the serenity of isolation and over time that will translate into moving meditation in the Tai Chi form and elsewhere

5. When a walk in the fresh air isn't enough, Taoist self massage will "even you out"

(just don't be limp about it!)

6. Paradoxical wit can keep you well balanced

so don't be afraid to see the humorous side of your own errors as you practice your form

- that's what  has always equipped Tai Chi warriors to lighten dark events, observing what's peculiarly funny about them

7. What you think will happen

(as any decent quantum physicist will tell you)

- so it's best to separate fears from hopes and intentions. Use your Tai Chi for practice.

8. Make the most of your Kong Jing

by using it to practice "allowing"

- your sensory and intuitive powers will thereby harmonise into the "grand ultimate" quantum effect which enhances true Tai Chi 

9. Vitality depends on variety

which is the spice of life and the secret of youthful vigour

so it pays to intelligently vary what you eat, drink and do (or don't do) in response to needs and opportunities within the changes you encounter

- in yourself, in your Tai Chi and in all around you.   



Loose fitting clothing and light trainers or plimsoles are fine for starting Tai Chi

(but preferably not thick black soles that may mark the sports hall floor)

*14-16 years old may be enrolled if accompanied by parent/guardian or other adult authorised by them

Our class is registered with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain